Radiation Monitoring

Among the various environmental monitoring tools, Wave Guard’s Guardian offers a state of the art solution for monitoring the radiation and power emission of cellular base stations.


Continuous monitoring of the cellular base stations in the country has never been more important. There has been a substantial growth in the use of mobile communication services during the past few years and the trend is expected to continue with the introduction of new and innovative mobile technologies. This growth has brought about an inevitable increase in the number of base station sites, creating greater public concern as well as a growing public expectation for data availability and transparency. As a result, governmental authorities are now challenged with the need to adopt advanced technological capabilities to better monitor and control.


Wave Guard Technologies developed the Guardian Radiation Monitoring Module to simplify the supervision and management of RF sources by providing automatic, continuous and comprehensive tool for monitoring the RF emission of any cellular base station in the country, at any given moment, ensuring compliance via online monitoring.

The Guardian Radiation Monitoring module monitors each and every base station in the country, with no hardware deployed. Whenever a base station exceeds the power level its’ permit allows, immediate alert is generated, allowing the regulator to automatically alert the operator, and, if required, fine the operator for not following the regulations.
In addition, Wave Guard Radiation Monitoring introduces an advanced approach to ensure transparency of information to the public.


This is ensured by provisioning the data to be published on web services, providing data from the monitored areas, at given time intervals and periodical reports.

Radiation Monitoring