Permit Management

The process of base station and sectors permits approval provided to the service provider can be long, include many roles of interest, and contain a large amount of data. In many places, this process is manual, managed through emails, and excel, and does not have process flow management. Managing permit and change requests can be cumbersome.

The Guardian Permit management module is a centralized solution allowing the regulator to manage the entire permit process, as well the change management process of all the base stations in the country, from one single system.

The Permit management module allows the operator to upload a large number of requests according to their type. Each type of request will then enter a separate process flow in the system until it’s approved. 

For each process the regulator can define the different stages (“signature”) it must pass, and who is the role\person that can approve each stage. Once a request is inserted and reaches a specific stage, the responsible party it alerted that there is a request waiting for them. This process can also be automated, by defining specific threshold in the requests that (if reached) will allow to “skip” some or all stages, and will automatic approval\rejection of requests.

Once permits and change requests are in the system, the system will notify the regulator on any violation of the permit, either from the Radiation module, the QoS module or the frequency management module. Furthermore, the system will alert on any cell detected by the system that is currently being used by the operator, but currently does not have a valid permit. Any such violation can set up immediate alert to the operator, and a fine can also be generated.

The system also allows the user to run various reports on any specific sector to view the data collected by the various modules, together with the permits history.

Part of the permit and change process may require a fee by the regulations. The permit management module can manage the fees requirements for each and every operator, and can even integrate with the end user’s financial system to automatically generate request for payment\invoice.